Social Networks. Managed.
More than 4 million South Africans use social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter
SoMedia is a solution tailor-made for the motor industry,
allowing dealerships to centrally manage their social content,
tap into their customers' networks and monitor online trends
and enquires.

With SoMedia, motor dealerships can promote themselves
cost-effectively through existing social media platforms while
centralising their marketing and enquiry follow-up process.

The SoMedia Stream manages each aspect of your dealership's
social media presence allowing you to:

» communicate to fans via Facebook
» integrate custom Facebook applications
» tweet promotions to followers via Twitter
» show viewers new and exciting content via YouTube

The look and feel of each social media presence is aligned with
your dealership’s brand corporate identity and centrally
managed through the SoMedia Stream ensuring each
presence is up to date and relevant.

With SoMedia your dealership can

is quick and easy to integrate:

1. Skin all social media presences within the SoMedia framework

2. Centralise the management your social media presences

3. Communicate all marketing initiatives through the
SoMedia Stream
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